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Lingwo    489

Has anyone played this yet?

It came out yesterday of XBLA

So far i'm really enjoying it. It is the closest thing we have to a The Walking Dead open world RPG.

Sure you don't feel anything for the characters, i suppose you don't want to get too attached as it is perma-death. Not game over but you will take over from another character if you die and that could happen quite quickly if you treat it as a shooter or beat em up. You get caught with 3-4 zeds. You won't last long. Stealth is the key.

It is a great example of what an XBLA game should be. It is 1600 points a little bit more than the usual XBLA game but the amount of hours you'll get out of this. I'm thinking 15-20 hours minimum.

It is quite brutal early on. There are quite a few game mechanics to learn and when it turns dark for the first time. It is a nightmare. I pretty much stayed in my home till the morning.

Things i like.

RPG Mechanics - Level up and each survivor has unique abilities.

Base buidling - You can upgrade, build new structures in your home (there are more than one). What is cool about this is, aside from materials and influence (money) to upgrade certain buildings you may need a certain skill such a "good chef", so you need to find a survivor who is a good chef.

Difficulty - It can be brutal. It isn't so difficult that you'll be dead in seconds. If you catch on quick to be sneaky and only pick off 1-2 zeds at a time. Then you should get on fine.

If people are on the fence about this, watch the videos below.

IGN did some really good Let's Play videos for people interested.

For people interested.

It is coming to PC i guess after the xbox exclusivity ends.

Also there is a rumoured coop patch in the works, they wanted it in for release.

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Anthony Tosie    203

I plan on downloading the trial and deciding, but I've been hearing good things.

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Razorwing    640

I've been having fun with it for sure.

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dwLostCat    998

Breakdown DLC just came out, having a lot of fun with it (PC ver.)




My first run wasn't terribly successful but second seems to be going well.


It's kind of tedious to go through story mode after you've beaten it once so this rocks.

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