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Windows 8 - Intel 6300 WI-Fi Networking Issues

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Roger H.    773

OK I thought this was my laptop (in my sig) which is now back to Lenovo to get a full replacement motherboard and wifi card but i'm using my old Dell Latitude XT which I put Windows 8 on it for the hell of it.. had XP on it since I haven't used it in years.

Just now downloading from TechNet (4.5MB/s) and browsing my WIFI signal just turns off which happened on the ThinkPad too. So to give you an idea what I've tried:

- Replaced router - I have a Linksys E4200 and I bought a Netgear R6250 (AC) router - Network was still flaky.
- Replaced WIFI Card - I bought another (6300) wireless card thinking the one I had one dying - same problem
- Different WIFI Card - Intel 1100 and Intel 6300 - happened on both. The Dell has a 1395 (802.11G) and same.
- Format and install - Installed Windows 2 separate times, now 3 times as the Dell XT was WIPED clean and installed just yesterday

I thought it was the router but my Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 and SGS2 still connect just fine. The WIFI LED on the ThinkPad turned off, on the Dell it's still on but it shows 0 Networks which is impossible. The neighbors all have their wifi working great and my Tablet still sees them just fine.

I also have a WDTV Live Streaming connected to some a LG Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer and I thought that was causing it but it's not. When the laptop lost it's connection, the music streaming plays just fine (connected via Ethernet) so it's not the router AFAIK.

(This has been happening for a few months, randomly. I thought it was just my old neighborhood because there were like 30-50 networks around there. I moved and the new place, I only see about 4 now so much quieter but still the same issue which is why I bought the new router thinking my current Linksys was dying - same issues).

So yeah, any ideas of what else to try? Halp!! :ermm:

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Roger H.    773

Maybe it's the router that's dying after all... not sure wtf still because nothing is concrete yet.


Got a Negear WNDR4300 (N750) which uses Atheros WiSOC which seems to be working better (E4200 is Broadcom) and that seems to have solved most of the issues. The Netgear R6250 is a Broadcom unit also (I think). 


Still makes no sense though as I've been using this laptop (wifi card included) and router (E4200) since January 2011 and never had a issue with it till few months ago. 


Still think it's some interference that maybe the Atheros may not be so susceptible to though.... Link rates start off at 450Mbps then fall to 300 and stay there (10ft away line of sight).




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Roger H.    773

Hmm, it be a cable shielding issue? Only new gear I got was a LG Soundbar N3520A which sits under the TV (above the router) so i'm wondering if the magnets in the speakers might be causing some Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) since it seems while playing music my speeds go down as well.


The chips in the router themselves should be shielded but i'm guessing my CAT5e are just regular UTP cables. Before I go buy some though, anyone think this might be the root cause?


If not then i'm seriously out of ideas! :argh:

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Roger H.    773 (update)


original story:


Seems this is more the cause than anything else as I switched back to Windows 7 recently and stable as hell for 5 days, not a single disconnect. With Windows 8 and the latest drivers (16.1.3), it's been better (as in dropped 2-3 times in the past 4 days vs 2 times her hour!).


I'll do a format and clean install tonight then start the testing over again.



Sporadic but recurring connection dropouts on Intel wireless adapters


UPDATED September 3, 2013

The new software is now available for these adapters with Windows 8*: Intel? Centrino? Ultimate-N 6300, Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6205, and Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6235. You can download it from


We are sorry for the upset and inconvenience this has caused. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we have been working to create a solution for the connection issues.


Intel is aware of end-user reports of connection instability (connection drops, applications hang, etc.) with certain wireless adapters using 15.x software with Windows 8 operating system. A software release is planned to support additional wireless adapters. This release is expected by the end of Q4.





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