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It looks like an American adaptation of the hit French-Canadian comedy series 'Taxi 0-22' could be coming soon, from CBS and James Gandolfini's Attaboy Productions.

After years wallowing in development hell over at HBO, where Attaboy has a deal, CBS has now made a script commitment to an adaptation of 'Taxi 0-22.' At HBO, the series went through various incarnations with various writers--Gandolfini himself was attached to star in the pilot, at one point. Now with CBS the slate is clean and a new team will be brought in to re-envision the series for American audiences.

'Taxi 0-22' is a French-language Canadian comedy series which airs in Quebec. The series starred GandolfiniPatrick Huard, pictured above, as Rogatien Dubois Jr. II, a Montreal cab driver who speaks in a thick Quebecois slang. The series mostly took place within Rogatien's taxi cab, where the interactions between the opinionated driver and the eccentric passengers became the source of much of the show's comedy. Eventually in seasons two and three, the world of 'Taxi 0-22' expanded and characters from outside Rogatien's job were introduced.

While Gandolfini is no longer attached to star in the adaptation, he will act as executive producer, through Attaboy Productions. The search is now underway for a new writer to pen the CBS version of the pilot. The American version reportedly will center around a New York City cab driver with opinions and attitudes in the vein of Archie Bunker.

Canadian comedian Patrick Huard, who created and starred in 'Taxi 0-22,' will also act as executive producer on the American version of the series, along with Huard's production partner Fran?ois Flamand.


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