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Best Western Hotel Mystery Deaths

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Hum    6,928

BOONE, NC -- Boone police confirm that an elderly couple was found dead in April in the same hotel room where an 11-year-old Rock Hill boy died Saturday.

Jeffrey Lee Williams and his mother Jeannie Williams were found unresponsive on the second floor of the Best Western hotel on East King Street in Boone around 12:30 Saturday afternoon.

Jeffrey was pronounced dead. Jeannie, 49, was taken to Watauga Medical Center. Her famlily says she woke up from a coma Sunday and is listed in stable conditon. As of Sunday evening, she did not yet know about her son's death.

Pastor Scott Davis of Northside Baptist Church in Rock Hill said the boy's father is devastated.

Davis said the mother and son were staying in Boone on a "family vacation," but they were the only two family members there. There are other children in the family, but they were not at the hotel.

Davis and the boy's father traveled to Boone Saturday afternoon after hearing of the death.

Boone police were still on scene late Saturday, and confirmed that the son and mother were staying in the same room where an elderly couple were found dead on April 16 -- less than two months ago.

"It was actually the same room," said Boone Police Sgt. Shane Robbins. "But other than that, at this time, we don't have any more links or correlation."

That case is still under investigation, said Sgt. Robbins. Investigators are still awaiting results of toxicology tests, and can't speculate about whether the two cases are connected.

Robbins said there did not appear to be any violence involved in the young boy's death or the mother's illness.

Guests were evacuated from the hotel Saturday. Workers in hazardous materials suits were able to remove some of the guests' belongings for them, so they could find another place to stay.

A regional hazmat team from Asheville was brought in to do forensic tests on the hotel room. Police say there is no danger to the public and tests are still being done.

The Watauga County Health Department said carbon monoxide was found at the Best Western in Boone where a 11-year-old boy died this past weekend. The health department official did not say if that is what led to the death of the child.


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Best Western Bates Hotel Mystery Deaths

Fixed the title for you Hum. :D

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Hum    6,928

I know which hotel room I'm checking in to ! :woot:

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