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Just got sent this from the NRA and though I'd share for anybody interested.


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    • By News Staff
      12 Tips for Video Conferencing While You Work From Home - free How-To Geek guide
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    • By KingCracker
      Found and bought this at my local gun shop, sort of rare I guess because I never see them in gun shops. Its the big bore brother to the classic and awesome CZ-75.
      They designed it in 1997 during assault weapons ban, thus only having a 10 round mag. For such a big gun in reality it should hold more. They never designed a higher cap magazine for it and 3rd parties never did either. Some believe that is why it never really took off in the market. It is not a terrible gun by any means though, its got the top notch quality of any CZ and its really fun and in my hands really accurate. 
      They still make them today, in fact this is a factory new firearm but they dont make or sell them in the numbers that the CZ-75 sells at.


    • By DreyerSmit
      Google announces Hangouts Meet hardware kit for the enterprise
      by Dreyer Smit

      Earlier this year Google announced a slew of messaging and meeting products, one of which was Hangouts Meet, a service geared towards the enterprise. It touted several features that made managing day-to-day meetings and scheduling thereof a breeze, including the ability to join a meeting through the Calendar app on your smartphone device or browser. Today, the company announced a specialized hardware kit that will tie into the aforementioned service, and turn any meeting room into a smart hub.

      The Hangouts Meet hardware kit not only includes the usual suspects, those being a 4K 120-degree field-of-view camera, and microphones that can be daisy-chained - up to five - via a single cable to improve audio quality, but also an ASUS Chromebox. This will allow for several other smart features to function such as Google Drive integration. On top of this, Google included a touch controller, where an individual can be tagged, or invited, and enables the ability to record the meeting and share it with those who couldn't make it in time.

      The hardware will run on Chrome OS, which will enable IT departments to manage the devices so they adhere to security policies that might be in place. Chrome OS is an operating system alternative to Microsoft's Windows, that is built on the secure Chrome browser-platform from Google.

      G Suite Enterprise customers will unlock additional feature sets, including the ability to remotely host up to 50 people in the said meeting, and allows individuals to proactively 'dial-in' from anywhere in the world. Some of these features will, however, roll out gradually to users across the world.

      The hardware kit will become available in several markets worldwide starting today and will cost $1999.

    • By Timi Cantisano
      YouTube changes its policy in attempt to make content safer
      by Timi Cantisano

      Today, YouTube has made some changes to its service, banning videos demonstrating bump stock conversions on firearms. This change was confirmed and there is now apparently an update to the community guidelines of the service. The changes are being implemented a little over a week after the shooting that occurred in Las Vegas on October 1.

      According to The Telegraph, a YouTube spokesperson stated:

      This isn't the first time the streaming service has implemented changes. Just last week, the firm modified search results to battle conspiracy theories and looks like it may also modify its "Up Next" video stream to promote content from properly curated sources. While these changes might filter some of the content, it will be interesting to see how much farther it will go in the future to change, and what kind of feedback might come from content creators and its users.

      Source: The Telegraph (UK) via Gizmodo

    • By Usama Jawad96
      Google announces 24-inch Acer Chromebase all-in-one video conference system
      by Usama Jawad

      In order to facilitate enterprise users, Google has announced a new Chromebase desktop computer from Acer which enables users to make meeting calls effortlessly. With ChromeOS installed, the Acer Chromebase boasts of an 'All-in-one video-conferencing' experience in an effort to increase productivity in the enterprise market.

      This device hosts a 24-inch 1080p HD IPS touch screen. It also contains three 3.0 and one 2.0 USB ports, an SD card reader, four microphones, a 720p front-facing camera, an HDMI slot and Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

      The Acer Chromebase offers a more user-friendly interface compared to its predecessors, and also supports 'Guest accounts' so users can join meetings without having to sign in with a Google account. Furthermore, the company has also upgraded Google Apps to support up to 25 people in a video conference. The device also sports remote management tools in order to troubleshoot audio and video quality issues. Google went on to state that:

      The Acer Chromebase is priced at $799 but the company has also clarified that the price tag includes one year of management and support fees. The device's availability is currently limited to businesses in Australia, Canada, Ireland, U.K. and the U.S., but Google states that it plans to sell the Acer Chromebase in more territories soon.

      Source and image: Google via Engagdet

      Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Acer Chromebase sports a 720p screen. This has now been rectified, we regret the oversight.