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Netflix streaming coming to the Netherlands later this year

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V-Tech    211



Netflix mentioned another European country was in its sights for this year and tonight it's announced the new region it will service is the Netherlands. As is its custom, it will be offering Dutch viewers a package of movies and TV shows for one low price, including its ever-growing slate of original series. There's no word yet on what that price will be, an exact launch date or what devices will be supported, but interested residents can sign up for alerts at starting today.

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Yogurtmaster    210

This is good news.  A lot of people don't understand what a big deal this is.  See the problem with all of these content delivery services is that their content is controlled by the media companies themselves.


So, for an example most movies are ONLY available in the USA and this is due to the movie companies not wanting their content outside of the USA and so they limit all of their content to be USA only and this is why a lot of the content has not made its way into Europe as much and this is one of the first steps into doing that.


I worked for a media company in Los Angeles, CA and we had content that could only be on the website at a certain time and then it had to be pulled down and it could not be outside of the USA at that time.  It's good news that things are slowly changing to get content out to the rest of the world.

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