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How To Clean Your Keyboard - Safe & Easy

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Muhammad Farrukh    1,080
How To Clean Your Keyboard - Safe & Easy

Keyboard is one of the important components of your personal computer. Having a nice keyboard is essential but its maintenance and cleaning is also important. 

The procedure is very simple and not at all risky. 

Note: This procedure is for any Dome-switch keyboard

Before starting, take a photograph of your keyboard to remember the layout or see the standard keyboard layout HERE

STEP #1: 

Remove all the keys of the keyboard using a screw-driver or a cake-knife so its not sharp and doesn't damage either your keys or the board.
Don't remove space bar key (you will get to knw the reason in later steps) but do it if you think you really need to clean it cuz space bar key usually gets stuck cuz of dust thats caked around it or on it. 


Try your best not to damage any key or the board. 

Well the keyboard looks so dusty right now.


STEP #2: 
Get some water and add a little detergent in it. Mis the detergent in the water properly. 

Now put all the keys you removed in the det-water so that its easy to get rid of the caked dust from the keys. 


STEP #3: 

Get a used tooth-brush or whatever brush you can have easily. I used a tooth-brush that I usually use for such type of cleaning 

Pick each key and clean it with the brush so that you can get rid of the strongly caked dust.


Step #4: 

Wash the keys with water (warn water is recommended) to remove all the detergent from the keys. Let the keys get dry. It won't take more than 10 minutes under a fan.


I hope you all have vacuum cleaners at homes. Could be any, the full size or the hand held. Use the narrower opening of the pipe that is used in cleaning corners etc.

Use it to suck all the dust from your board now. 

Concentrate on the edges / corners. 


STEP #6: 

Now start putting back all the keys according to the standard keyboard layout. 

For space bar, see the next step please. 

Step #7: 

The tricky part in all this procedure is to put back the space bar key which has a metal bar under it to prevent it from loosening out from its place. Although few other bigger keys also have the metal bar thingy but its easy with them to put in their place.

Check out the pics below to understand it. 
See the hooks on the board, you have to place the metal bar/rod into the hook first and them the key in this place. 


Thats all folks. Hope its easy for all of you 

My keyboard is also in place and looks clean as well 


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Razorwing    640

Very Nice! lol. Very old KB too! 

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Muhammad Farrukh    1,080

Thats not my primary keyboard. :p

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KRazpopov    28

I also use this technique, though I haven't cleaned the keys with detergent. Rather, I just wipe any visible grime off of them (be it on the sides, the face, or the bottom), then clean the body of the keyboard and finally I reassemble.

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tsupersonic    1,379

I popped off a few keys the other day to see how nasty it was since I last cleaned it. Let's just say I have a project next weekend.

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Luc2k    746

Throw all the keys not space in a couple of socks. Tie socks. Throw in washing machine.

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