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Finally found my dream phone.... Nexus 4!


Rippleman    3,048

Ok, its been a ride up and down for the last couple years with me searching for a phone that made me feel like I couldn't find a better one anywhere. As some of you know, I was a long term IOS user, detetsted Andriod for its clunkyness,slowness, illogical menus etc etc.... In the last couple years here is how it went:


1. Used the tried and true 3gs, (still an amazing phone, imagine owning this phone 4 years ago!)

2. Android fanboys always say IOS sucks and Driod rules so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Tried out some Samsung phone with 2.2. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience.

3. Went back to trusty 3gs.

4. Wanted front facing camera so went and got an iphone 4. Same trusty IOS experince as the 3gs. Loved it.

5. Android fanboys said "you have to try ICS, they fixed everything!"... went and got a Samsung 2Sx... Horrible experience once again.

6. Went back to trusty iphone 4 and told my self "I am done with andriod".

7. opportunity came up for a HTC 8x for dirt cheap with windows 8.. liked it but felt very "beta-ish" with none of the apps i liked. Sold it.

8. Back to iphone 4.

9 .Some guy I know needed a PC and had an nexus 7 to trade. Traded. Didn't expect to like it, but LOVED 4.2.2 Jelly bean.

10. Lost iphone 4, assumed i would like the jelly bean experience now platform wide so went and got a Samsung Note 2 with 4.1 (and also andriod fanboys said the same thing they always say:you have to try jelly Bean, they fixed everything!".... HORRIBLE CLUNKY EXPERIENCE. (don't recommend Samsung at all now). Sold it.

11. back to old 3gs LOL... (a classic in every sense i conclude now)

12. Couple days ago took a chance and wanted to see if the nexus 4 was the same great experience as the the nexus 7. guess what... it is!


Had the nexus now for 2 days. Absolutely awesome phone and will recommend it to ANYONE how is looking for a solid UNSUCKY andriod experinece. I can't belive how bad Samsung can take something and mess it up. The phone is beautiful, the perfect size since its big but not too big at 4.7". There is NO lag on anything unlike the Samsung galaxy note 2. the screen is actually better then the Samsung note 2, Immediately when using the NOTE 2, the greens to me on the screen where artificially exaggerated way beyond looking good.  


Added... as I was writing this, was using songza, and got a call, it even hushes (not mutes, just lowers to background music level) and still continues to play while on the call! Nice touch! So many great things about the google nexus I don't even know where to start. All i can say it truly is the greatest phone ANYONE can have. If you are an IOS user, honestly you will very much like the switch to this phone EVEN if you hated andriod in the past. The best part is if you buy new, 100% unlocked world wide and is 1/2 price the competition like the S4 and Note 2.


Added again: I know there is a trick to enable the LTE ability, has anyone here actually done it?




btw: andriod fanboys are still stupid, you guys really have to stop "loving" a product only because it has a name on it... "love" it because it works and works well...

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Rippleman    3,048

use viber to send texts videos and video chat, those last 2 were added very recently btw, before you could just text/voice chat.


Android 4.1 sorted out most of the lag problems.

Have viber too, but what i mean about using iMesssage was, through my carrier, iMessage counts as a text, and since we have unlimited worldwide text, we could send videos up to 5 mins in length to the phillipines through the carrier and not have it count as data usage.


4.1 still had lag on the galaxy note 2 i just had a couple weeks ago for me. Not much, but should be none considering the specs on that phone. The nexus 7 and nexus 4 i have have ZERO lag so I assumed its actually the 4.2 that eliminates the Android lag.

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