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Free DLC for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II (PC, XBOX360 and PS33)

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compl3x    6,263

You need to login with your Origin account and then open the link again.

You can apply them to your Origin account even if you do not own Dragon Age. In case you ever get any Dragon Age games in future.



Dragon Age: Origins

Memory Band

Feral Wolf Charm

Guildmaster's Belt

Band of Fire

Dalish Promise Ring

Bulwark of the True King*

The Edge

Embri's Many Pockets

Bregan's Bow*

Helm of the Deep

The Lucky Stone

The Lion's Paw

Pearl of the Anointed*

Mark of Vigilance

Amulet of the War Mage

The Wicked Oath




Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Bulwark of the True King*

Bregan's Bow*

Pearl of the Anointed*




Dragon Age II

Staff of Parthalan

Pendant of the Morning Frost

Arlathan Focusing Crystal

The High Lord's Belt

The Antivan Garrote

Band of Stolen Shadows

The Deep Green

Hawke Family Crest

Ring of Whispers

Air of Confidence

Amulet of Ashes

Boots of the Frozen Wastes


Lion of Orlais

Dura's Blue Flame

Evra's Might

Evra's Trophy Belt

The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall


Hayder's Razor

Ivo Family Crest

Lothering's Lament

The Irons

Of Things Not Lost







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abysal    98

Cool, thanks!

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trag3dy    3,385

Thanks for the heads up on this. I've been thinking about replaying DA:O so this might give me a little more incentive to get to it.

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Phouchg    2,050

They've been available for quite a while now. Props for letting people know, of course, for I didn't at the time.


Other devs and publishers, take note - all promo/exclusive pre-order *in-game* items should be made available sometime later like this. Keeps people talking and playing, you lose nothing.

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Yusuf M.    1,354

I don't think I'll ever play the Dragon Age games again but I claimed them anyway, just in case. The games are great but I only own the first one and I don't have the time to invest in it with Dota 2, StarCraft 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on my plate.

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