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So guys I'm going to take my 5D Mark III on a trip very soon, and I hear it is going to rain, any tips and tricks should I do to prevent my camera being destroyed by rain? 

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Not sure about the weather sealing on the 5D Mark III. I know the Mark II was supposed to be somewhat weather sealed, and the 7D, but either way, I wouldn't trust any of that. From what I understand it's hit and miss whether that will even keep the rain out. I'd suggest a rain cover if you're going to be shooting in rain. There aren't really many tips or tricks that I would actually trust with my camera. Others may know better though. I'm just going to go pick up my first DSLR in about an hour. I've resisted for years, but the time has come.

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I don't know, I've heard people taking it out and having no problems at all. I'm going to try not to shoot in the rain, but you know just in case if it does get a little wet. I don't have the money for a rain cover, lol. So that's why I'm asking any tips and tricks. Congrats on your first DSLR! What are you picking up? 

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I don't know, I've heard people taking it out and having no problems at all. I'm going to try not to shoot in the rain, but you know just in case if it does get a little wet. I don't have the money for a rain cover, lol. So that's why I'm asking any tips and tricks. Congrats on your first DSLR! What are you picking up? 

Yeah, I saw they are like $150 at least, plus the short notice. I've definitely heard people say the weather resistance is good for like 10-15 minutes in light rain, but they also said that there wouldn't be any kind of warranty of course if you did get any kind of water damage, so they can't really back up that claim. If you're talking about trying to keep it out of the rain but maybe getting a little here or there, I'd just keep a microfiber towel or something with you and keep it wiped off. You might even be able to drape it over the top like it is a rain cover to help keep it a little more dry.


I got a Canon Rebel SL1/EOS 100D. I've wanted a DSLR for years but didn't need another expensive hobby. I got this one at a price I couldn't resist, plus the super small size would fit me well being that I'm just a hobby photography. I've got it next to me now. Can't wait to get home and try it out.

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Umbrella. Genius. LOL. 


Ya, that's just stupid...


You should use plastic grocery bags and duct tape. Just wrap that sucker up and cut a hole for the lens. :)

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or should I do this?





Look at a soccer or football game and check out what they do! They basically improvise a bag around the camera et al.

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Look at a soccer or football game and check out what they do! They basically improvise a bag around the camera et al.


Couldn't find any good examples.. :\.

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I've always been pretty worried about my gear in the rain. A couple of months back I had cause to be shooting (video) out in the rain. Not a light shower, this was real rain. I had purchased a (very cheap!) raincoat thing for the camera, that fit over it and was clear so you could still see and use the controls etc. 


After about 5 minutes, the clear inside was so fogged up from the heat of my hands that I couldn't see anyway, so in the end I just ditched it and shot out in the rain. We were out there at least half an hour, probably more. Camera (and operator!) totally drenched by the end. We had two extra cameras there, same deal.


End result: AWESOME shots (we won at a local comp), we had NO equipment failure, or any problem with fogged lenses, mirrors, sensors etc. Yes, it was terrifying, and yes I would be terrified again at the thought of doing the same to my camera again, but thank the gods it all worked out great. 


Cameras: Canon 60D. If they can cope with some rain, the 5D should be even more secure. YMMV.

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Eh, I was out with a 7D in London all day and it was drizzling all day, I and the camera were pretty damp and the camera was fine. Obviously I wouldn't go out in a thunderstorm but a little rain should be fine.

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