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Sony adds Indie Games category to PSN, brings Hotline Miami to the Vita

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compl3x    6,263

As much as we'd like to talk about Sony's increasing hospitality toward independent developers, we're a little too anxious. You see, the company has just added an indie games channel to its handheld console, with Hotline Miami as the flagship title. Users will also be able to grab 53 other titles, like Thomas Was Alone, Sound Shapes and Limbo, but we're too busy with Hotline Miami to pay attention right now.


Sony is also promising that we'll see Spelunky, Terraria and Hohokum in the next few months, which'll keep you entertained when you've finished, you know,Hotline Miami. If you'd like to catch a trailer showcasing all the new games, head on past the break.




VIA: Official PlayStation Blog

SOURCE: PlayStation Indie



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DirtyLarry    2,075

Hotline Miami is awesome, awesome, awesome on the Vita. I actually prefer playing it on there way more than on the PS3. It is a perfect game for the handheld.

Also the blocky retro visuals look beatiful on the Vita's screen. Where on my 55" TV, they just like, well, blocky retro graphics and not so crisp due to the size.

The dual analog takes a little getting used to, but once I did, having a blast.

The gameplay itself really makes sense on the Vita as well. Quick short bursts of gaming.

Damn, now I wish I bought my Vita to work.


But if you have a PS Vita, I think you should pick this game up, even if you have already played the PC version.

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