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Would You Pay Extra for a Native Version of Your Phone?

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Sir Topham Hatt    214

So my saga with a Nokia Lumia 920, currently priced at ?429 for a UK version from Amazon.


I bought, had delivered but returned an EU version to Mobicity as I wasn't happy.  I like to buy native products when it comes to expensive electricals.


Bought a version from Amazon's Marketplace but "fulfilled by Amazon", so thought it would be a UK version but no, came with an extra adaptor as the plug was from Europe, so Spanish or German I suspect.


Went back to the first company (Mobicity) and purchased another of the same, but they telephoned me to enquire as I returned the first phone back to them.  I said I was after a UK version and he said the trade price for those was ?375 and I shouldn't expect to find one under ?400.


?400 is a lot to shell out for a phone, even if it is the top one.


So, do you think it is worth it?  Or should I just keep my Spanish/German one?  I can't help but think when I look at it I will feel a bit sad that is isn't native, but the difference between ?339 and ?429 is a fair chunk.



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UseLess    94

Generally with "top end" phones i buy 2nd hand - i got my 920 for $500 (retail was $700 - got it when it was released). It was 1 week old.


To answer your question - why does it matter if it is "native"? Change the settings on the phone and tell it you're in the UK and it'll become "native". All the chargers etc - throw them out and grab a $10 cable+wall adapter off ebay =)


If you are referring to supporting local business...that is different. But as you said - can you justify ?100 to support local business? Is buying from Mobicity supporting local?


Just my $0.02 - hope it helps!

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