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Multiple powerline adapters

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I currently have this powerline adapter (http://www.linksys.com/en-eu/products/powerline/PLWK400) is it possible to this powerline adapter and extend powerline adapters? (http://www.linksys.com/en-eu/products/powerline/PLSK400)


I need ideally just 3 powerline adapters the main one connected to the switch with a wire and the one upstairs extends wifi and has ethernet but i need another one for just ethernet to connect my TV Set top box ethernet, my bluray and my tv ethernet to the internet.



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+Fahim S.

Yep just add them and pair the additional homeplugs. Make sure they all comply to the same standard. You should also be able to mix brands but I've never tried that.

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Yep just add them and pair the additional homeplugs. Make sure they all comply to the same standard. You should also be able to mix brands but I've never tried that.

Thanks! I will stick with same brand :)

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