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Disabled duck getting 3-D printed foot

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A disabled duck is getting a new foot to help it walk and swim again, and his fans on Facebook are cheering him on.

The duck, Buttercup, was born with a backward foot. A veterinarian advised Mike Garey of Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary, Buttercup's home, that the duck should have his foot amputated.

Buttercup has since healed from the amputation, but Garey wanted to give the duck as normal a life as possible. Buttercup's Facebook page explains that Garey reached out to 3-D printing company NovaCopy, which offered to donate its services to help design a new foot for Buttercup.

Garey photographed Buttercup's stump as well as the foot of one of Buttercup's relatives. NovaCopy then constructed an artificial foot that's flexible, just like the real thing.

CNET explains the foot will be attached to Buttercup with a silicone sheath. "This version will have a stretchy silicone sock instead of the finger trap, which will roll up on his leg, be inserted into the foot and then have a fastener in the bottom," Garey told CNET.

Buttercup's new foot should arrive in a matter of weeks, according to CNET. For updates, check out Buttercup's Facebook page.




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