Metal object crashes through Seattle home

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A three-pound piece of metal crashed into a Seattle area home earlier this week, causing damage to the home's ceiling and roof and leaving many to wonder where on Earth (or, perhaps, outer space) it came from.

Had a chunk of the Millennium Falcon fallen loose? Were the Transformers preparing an invasion of our peaceful planet? Fortunately, no. It appears the mystery has been solved, and it has nothing to do with Shia LaBeouf movies or even a part of a plane coming loose.

According to the Seattle Police Department's blog, the chunk of metal has been identified as a part of a tree-chopping "tub grinder."

How a part of a wood chipper crashed through a roof is, of course, still open to debate. One might assume that a neighbor was chopping trees and the piece simply flew from the grinder.

Nobody was hurt, but the ceiling did suffer significant damage. Here's hoping the homeowners opted in for "tub-grinder damage" supplemental insurance.



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