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I currently have a dual boot (W2K Pro and ME) and would like to try out XP. How difficult would it be to add XP into the system and have it multiple boot. When I installed W2K Pro the dual boot was set up perfectly. I have a 10gb drive (2g - W2K, 8g - ME). I dont have a problem removing the W2K partition and installing XP in there since I will be wiping the drive soon anyway and doing a clean install. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Just install it all will be fine. I had win98 and win2k on my system and added XP to that.

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yeh i tri-boot 98SE/2k/XP

id recommend usin partition magic (from boot disk), create a new FAT32 partition, then install it to there

(uness u really want NTFS)

anyway godd luck

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