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Google's Elusive Last Screen

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Tk1917    1

Google has been trying to get on our TVs for some time now. They?ve already had a few attempts, as have a number of their Android partners. They?ve put rather slow, basic hardware in stylish, relatively benign boxes and some pretty weird ones. So far, none have had much grip. Now, Google?s been rumoured to be having another go at it and it might look slightly like a game system.

The over-arching plan is to bring Android to televisions. It?s the last screen that Google really doesn?t have any grip on. The market is huge and, as they are really an ad-revenue machine, it looks pretty lucrative. While it?s a great idea strategically, tactically, the plan hasn?t stuck yet...

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threetonesun    1,205

Well, most people want a la carte TV, which cuts out the advertising, so there's really no good reason for Google to get into that game, unless they become a big enough fiber service provider that they can negotiate directly with shows.


This is much the same reason why the magical Apple TV has never materialized. Even with their bargaining power, they can't get cable companies + networks + all of the premium networks to agree to anything.

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