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I have a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus and for those that don't know, that's the technology that switches between the integrated Intel graphics card and the discrete NVIDIA one for more demanding applications that require hardware acceleration.


On the NVIDIA control panel I can pick which card to use for each application. Some applications already had some defaults. Normally, the integrated card is picked over the discrete one.


Applications like Photoshop use hardware acceleration with the NVIDIA card and work just fine. But Firefox doesn't... I have hardware acceleration active on Firefox (no matter the card it's using). When the NVIDIA card is being used by Firefox, it will crash. There's no pattern, that I could notice, but Firefox will eventually crash. Sometimes I can use for too long without crashing, sometimes it crashes after a little white, but it crashes most of the time. Using it with the integrated card, it never crashes.


I also have a similar problem with Adobe Reader. If the discrete card is being used for that application, it will crash every time after starting up (it's not like Firefox, this one crashes after opening it). But if I use the integrated card, it runs just fine, no crashing.


I already have the latest drivers for both my graphic cards. This is on Windows 7 64-bit by the way.


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Anyone? :(

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