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Zoom Player 3.2 Final

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Electronic Punk    7

From NTFS:

You will notice that Zoom Player has now been split into two versions. The Standard version which is still the most powerful media player on the market today and the Professional version which includes the DVD Front-End playback capabilities.

The professional version is a commercial release. As such it's released on a fully functional trial basis and requires registration once the evaluation period is complete.

Zoom Player provides special zooming functions to improve TV-Output quality by eliminating overscan. Zoom Player's scaling system allows you to exactly match the video area to your screen's dimensions in real-time with adjustable background color in order to test for brightness bleeds. You can also fast forwarding (even on MPEG4 type formats such as DivX), 10 Keyboard accessible presets to automatically adjust the video area to pre-defined settings, customizable control bar with graphical time-seek controls, keyboard mapped controls, aspect ratio support for correct playback of anamorphic video and out of aspect-ratio content.


* New Play List Editor right-click context menu which makes it

  easier to access the Play List Editing functions.

* You can now define a Customized Video Renderer when using

  Customized Media and DVD Playback.  This is useful when using

  a customized rendering device.

* New Setting (Options / Filter Control / Settings) allowing you to

  enable/disable QuickTime ActiveX support.  At this point in time,

  not all QuickTime files can be played by DirectShow, this setting

  when enabled (enabled by default), uses the QuickTime ActiveX

  control to play QuickTime files.  Using the ActiveX control instead

  of DirectShow means that you lose certain capabilities and stability

  may be sketchy, but until such a time where there are DirectShow

  decoders available for the various QuickTime codecs, there is no

  other choice.

+ The Zoom Player Audio Filter (enabled under "Options / Filter Control

  / Settings") is now in charge of identifying the languages of Audio

  Tracks (OGG and Matroska formats) and of switching between audio

  tracks (All multi-audio track formats).  So now when playing Matroska

  tracks and switching tracks, you will be able to see which language

  audio is playing.

+ Some modifications to the internal minimalistic skin.

+ Zoom Player Audio Filter now Enabled by default.

- Fixed a show stopper error when starting to play a DVD

  with the WinDVD decoders.

- Wrote a few more workaround filters that seem to throw FPU errors.

- Opening entire directories or drives will no longer open play

  lists (so that multiple entries of the same file won't be opened

  at once).  Opening directories may even be a bit faster now.

- Double clicking the Play List Editor Scroll Bar won't play the

  item next to the mouse cursor anymore.

- Cosmetic issue, when deleting items off the play list, the

  selection bar disappeared.

Download: Zoom Player 3.2

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+Cryton    120

Thanks for teh headsup! DOWNLOADING'D!

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Electronic Punk    7

I am sure 3.3b1 will be out any day, Blight just doesn't stop.

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