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Lionhead to put in Xbox Live Achievement in Fable Anniversary made by fan

by John Callaham


Developer Lionhead has previously announced plans to release Fable Anniversary later this year. It's a graphical remake of the original Xbox fantasy RPG that will be released for the Xbox 360. Today, Lionhead announced a new contest that will give the winner a rather unique opportunity; a chance to design an Xbox Live Achievement for Fable Anniversary.

Lionhead's website has the details on the contest, which lets users submit their achievement ideas. They must include a title (no more than 32 characters long) and a description (no more than 100 characters long). The entries can also submit a logo to go with the achievement but that's optional.

The deadline for entries is July 14th. Lionhead will then pick the five achievements sent in by their fans they think are the best and then the public will vote on which one they think is the best. The person that designs the achievement with the most votes will have it put into the final version of Fable Anniversary, with the author's name included in the game's credits.

That would be cool enough, but the winner will also get a free copy of Fable Anniversary. The five finalists will all get a free t-shirt and they will also all get passes to the 2014 E3 trade show.

Source: Lionhead | Image via Lionhead

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