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Lumia 1020 vs Canon 60D DSLR: Lumia wins

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vcfan    2,337


The Nokia Lumia 1020 blurs at about 15/16. Now this isn?t testing out image quality. It?s merely demonstrating that the Nokia Lumia 1020 does indeed capture a lot of detail, and in this instance, so much more so than my DSLR which I can?t bring everywhere like I can with my smartphone. And now when my smartphone becomes the Nokia Lumia 1020, it?ll have that versatility again to capture all that lovely extra detail.


I think because of the crop sensor on my 60D, the 1020 also has a slightly wider angle (so it isn?t already a little zoomed in like in other smartphones).

As well as all that detail, the OIS helps in keeping my hand steady so as not to blur the lines by way of user fault. This is where my 808 at the time sometimes stumbled on some occasions due to shaky hands.


BTW, lack of AF really killed using my 60D to do hands on demo videos. I think it was Sam J Pullen who noted that even the 650D with Continuous AF was not good enough for him. Fortunately I had the Nokia Lumia 925 there to capture video (or the 920).


I think even the Nokia people were surprised as they asked to take a photo of the result I had. Haha.







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