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Anyone got a Nook HD?

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TheLegendOfMart    1,558


I wasn't really looking to get a tablet but I spotted these on sale with ?30 off at ?99 on B&N site. I was wondering if anyone had one and could tell me if its any good or not, it doesn't have the best CPU in the world but the screen is pretty decent.


1.3GHz OMAP4470 dual core + SGX544 GPU

1440x900 7" Screen


8GB Storage


It's ?59 cheaper than Nexus 7 and looks to be of better build quality than the cheap chinese tablets. I think you can install CM10.1 to get rid of the horrid Nook UI, I just wanted to know if the CPU/GPU cuts it with such a high res screen.

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+goretsky    710


I have a Nook Color (8GB), two Nook Tablets (16GB), Nook HD (16GB) and Nook HD+ (32GB).  I've been really happy with them all

I bought a Nook HD about a month ago and noted that it appeared to have some kind of manufacturing defect where the face plate (front bezel) didn't appear to be properly attached, there was some light leakage through the seams (which also felt rough), and the buttons were loose.  The replacement unit (which I got today) has the same problem with the bezel not being mated correctly, although to a lesser extent (no light leakage), and it's buttons are solid.  Pinching the unit lightly at the edges between a finger and thumb causes some flexing and there's definitely a rough edge where the front bezel doesn't line up properly with the back plate.

I'm not sure what's going on, as the mis-aligned faceplate and looseness does not appear in the display units.  Perhaps they made a change in manufacturing to cut costs on the exterior plastics?  The edges on the display units don't seem to exhibit this behavior, and it does not occur on any of the other units I have, including the HD+.

I'm going to return to the B&N store tomorrow and take a beter look at the display units to see if they're actually different, or I've just had a run of bad luck.

As far the hardware performance and software goes, I've always found the Nooks to be pretty speedy, given their tasks.  I tried CyanogenMod on the Nook Color and it was laggy (the device has a single core 800 MHz CPU).  I didn't repeat the test with any of the newer devices, but they're quite speedy for ebook and basic web browsing type activities.




Aryeh Goretsky

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