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Microsoft says WP8 Data Sense "installed by carrier"

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Sir Topham Hatt    212

Microsoft has stated the long awaited Data Sense for Windows Phone 8 will only be available to carrier phones.


A representative from the Microsoft Helps twitter feed said "The app is installed by the carrier, therefore, if a carrier hasn't installed it I don't believe you'll be able to get it."  This leads users to think the Data Sense app is linked to the carrier information side, rather than logging data which is sent or received by the phone itself, like the in-build Android version.


It's yet another blow for Windows Phone users and little explanation from Microsoft as to why it has been made un-necessarily restrictive nor why Data Sense was not part of the update like FM Radio.  It should not be forgotten that Windows Phone is still in an infancy stage, however running a system which has less features that are considered "standard" it's a wonder if Windows Phone will always be two or three years behind in features.


However, this means for people like myself who have an unlocked non-carrier phone, Data Sense will never be available.


Good one Microsoft.

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funkydude    85

This was announced when WP8 launched... It's due to the carrier needing to implement the server software for data compression.


Pretty sure GDR2/3 was meant to bring a version of it for logging local data, similar to the current Nokia "Counters" app for WP7.

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