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George Zimmerman rescued man from truck crash

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+trag3dy    4,194

A guy that refuses to apologise for his crime, saying it was "in god's plan" isn't someone I find overly believable. As an obvious narcissist he's just a good liar, nothing more.



Fits in with what I already know of him, he's obviously quite the narcissist, and when a narcissist is slagged off they resort to desperate means to try and improve their 'image'. A guy that shoots a bloke, feels no remorse, and says "it was God's plan" isn't the kind of person I'd usually imagine to either behave selflessly or have empathy for others.


Why should he apologize for defending himself? "Hey guys, I'm sorry I didn't let your kid beat me to death". Right.


And are you serious? I'd say pulling a guy from a wreck is both selfless and shows that he has empathy for others. And not only that but he has a history of acting with empathy towards others and being selfless. So yeah..


You're still trying to turn Zimmerman into some sort of super monster that eats babies and kills black people by the dozens. Sheesh.

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