Jogging shoes for a big guy


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Hey peeps,


I need some advice regarding sports shoes. The wife's uncle, who is a pretty big guy ~150kg told me that he wanted a good pair of shoes/tennis for jogging (little walk). 


Any of you out there having experience/knowledge about this?



- To handle a guy of ~150kg

- Should not break in 2-3 weeks

- International known brand

- Will be used once a day for a 2hrs walk/jogging

- Price $200-$250 (even $300)

- Can be bought online and can be shipped to Mauritius


That guy helped me a lot and I really want to get him something really nice that he's satisfied with.


Thanks a bunch for any input.





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The best thing to do is hit your local running store and have them video you while you run so they can determine how your feet strike and whether you're an over, under, or neutral pronator. Once that is done, they can help you find shoes that make your runs much more comfortable and easier on your feet/shins/knees. As an overweight person who has started cardio and gym routines for the last two months, i can say I really love the Asics brand, they are nice and wide for my fat foot, but sturdy and comfortable. I have the Asics Phoenix 4 and they are a great shoe, for me.

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Thanks for the reply mate. Unfortunately the local store in his country doesn't have these kind of facilities and most of them only recommend known brands like Adidas or Reebok.

I came across the shoe advisor on the Asics website and I'll be ordering a Gel-Nimbus 15.



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