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Yogurtmaster    210

Arguably, MS could/should have revealed all the information they had right away at the reveal or E3. It would have made gamers happier.

However, MS has achieved something else by doing it it in a trickle, which is probably their goal, people are still talking about it.there's huge articles about MS latest leak, rumor and their actual announcements. And they're gaining positive response for every new announcement.

Meanwhile, Sony and the PS4 is all but forgotten, the only really announcements they have made since E3 has been meaningless numbers. 15 of recording history and their other recent rather meaningless number. These aren't things that excite the gaming Punic to the same degree as MS constant trickling of new rumors and announcements.

For gamers who want to know everything right away, Sonys way is better, for MS themselves and marketing, their way is better.

In the end, it doesn't matter, they'll both sell out and possibly kill Nintendos future as a hardware vendor. As they have no first party coming out until next year about, and with o third party, I don't think Nintendo can sell the WiiU on smash rows and Mario kart and a Zelda game alone...

Well, I would expect that the closer we get to the launch in November, the more we will hear about everything. There is a lot that they are holding back and maybe some of this might be shown at GamesCom and also at the Toyko Game Show in September.

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