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Moto X reportedly comes with Magic Glass, laminated aluminum structure

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There's been a deluge of Moto X reports, and it shows no signs of stopping. We've seen the device's press shots, camera UI and benchmark results, and most recently, we've even watched the T-Mobile version waltz past the FCC. Now, we're treated to purported press images and unannounced features from Taylor Wimberly, formerly of Android and Me. According to Wimberly, a sheet of specially treated Gorilla Glass covers the phone's entire face and wraps around its sides, forming a nearly seamless gap with the rear shell. Apparently, it's special enough that Motorola will call it "Magic Glass." As another nod to the phone's toughness, he also claims a laminated aluminum structure makes its frame even stronger, despite being thin and lightweight. Check out the images to decide the report's veracity for yourself, but don't sweat it too much -- we'll be able to confirm it in a few days when the phone launches on August 1st.





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