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PS4 dev complains about Gamestop and used game sales

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LaP    1,732

I have to admit that every single time i have tried to buy a game at gamestop that the game had been out for a while and i wanted a new copy it has always been an opened box, and i have tried to confront them several times on it and they always tell me that they do it for security to not keep disks in the cases, but when i get a game that is brand new its always a sealed package no problem. I think they just have a lot of crap they are trying to pull on the customer and its really annoying. its this reason that 90% of the games i buy are digital downloads.

EB Games are the same. Last time i went there many new games case did show sign of wear. When i asked the guy if the price was reduced because of the broken case he told me that since it was "new" it was sold at full price.

Honestly i don't go to those stores anymore. If i want to buy in a store i go to Future Shop/Best Buy or Wall Mart. All the new games are sealed and brand new. But most of the time these days i buy from Amazon.

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