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FYI, Pandarens were in the Warcraft lore more than 5 years before Kung Fu Panda was released....


That being said, WoW is not "Game Over" yet, but it is definitely declining. I can see Blizzard making it F2P with limitations or with an added in-game store eventually, the declining player base will eventually push it towards that type of business model....but I think that's still a few years off.


Samwise doing an April Fool's doesn't count as in the game.

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I had played the game for over 7 years, Made many great friends and was in the top Oceanic raiding guilds during WotLK, Cata and MoP taking many Server first Hardmode Boss kills since Ulduar. Over time the game just started getting easier and easier catering to the casuals the the epicness of being the best on the server or getting the best mount/item never really started to mean anything anymore, then with the introduction of LFD and LFR there was no fun doing the daily dungeon with people on your server, being able getting in over other people because they knew you were good and who you were. You also knew of all the bads/trolls and wouldn't join them, or in my case I would join and help them along. Now you would just join a random group and depending on the people you could end up with a bunch of idiots or some really talented people that makes the dungeon run 50x faster.


I remember farming rep for days, weeks and sometimes months and found it simply amazing and great fun, as you would meet other people doing the same thing and they would become friends that you would chat to over time and meet up with in game to grind or group with in a dungeon. I had the most fun in BC forming premade groups to hit up battlegrounds to farm reputation with the factions for the elusive Justicar title and get that awesome looking Arathi Basin Tabard (thank god they haven't changed the way rep is gain through that.. yet)


But after doing all that and grinding for these things, racking up a total over over 600 total days played on my main character then seeing them change the way reps were earned making them easier and removing the epicness of certain titles. It was a stab in the back, It sucked because certain people didn't want to put in the time and commitment into getting the certain title because it took to long. The title "the Insane" is a clear example of how much easier it is to get now than it was back when it was first introduced.


I quit the game 2-3 months ago and haven't logged in since. I tried to get back into hardcore raiding again joining top oceanic guilds but I felt that raiding was just not the same as it was before and I was beating a dead horse trying to bring back the love that I once had for the game and would only log in to do casual arena/battlegrounds with a friend. It has been the same for a heap of people that I use to raid with back in the day who no longer play, there are some people that I know that continue to play due to the fact that their friends play but that's the only reason and complain about the mechanics of certain aspects of the game a lot. Arena and Battlegrounds being the most common to complain about unless you are playing a Rogue, Hunter or Warrior. I was a sucker for pain as I played an Elemental Shaman (go the shaman!)


Anyways I have rabbled on about the history of me and my character for awhile instead of typing about the thread. I bet the game will loose more subs in the coming months, and I know that they will loose a boat load more when WildStar comes out as that game looks simply amazing and will be the next MMO that I and a bunch of old gaming friends will be moving to who will be catering to the 1% of players and not the casuals (mostly to the raiding aspect from what I have read about) and just looks like a really amazing MMO to get into, even though I will be playing casually since now I work and have other commitments outside of gaming now.


RIP Miranora, Barthilas

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World of Warcraft stopped being fun when PVP was directed to battlegrounds and travel went to air and flightpath.

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