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Mindovermaster    920

Im on Debian Wheezy, and am currently running MATE on it. I see in preference, it has "MATE Volume Control". I looked in it, because my headphone wasnt working. After I clicked mute on the speaker (shouldn't have) and unclicked it, my speakers were silent. I tried turning up the volume and stuff, but there was no way to set it. So, I had to go back in Gnome shell to turn the sound back on.


Are there any other sound managers I could use that doesn't fuke up like MATE's?


Also, on the same note, why do I have 2 screen saver options? I see I have XScreenSaver and some default Gnome screensaver. Both in preferences.

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Karl L.    275

For some reason the MATE packages for Debian install the gstreamer backend for MATE's audio manager. Fortunately there is a PulseAudio backend too, which is definitely the one you want to use. It conflicts with the gstreamer backend so there is no reason for you to explicitly remove that one first.

sudo apt-get install mate-media-pulse mate-settings-daemon-pulse
sudo reboot

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