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Obama vetoes ITC ban on Apple products

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MorganX    1,046

If only it was that easy.  You try to pick the lesser of two evils and you are always left with a jackass.

Sometimes evil is in the tinfoil ... 51% will always be happy, 49% unhappy with about 20% of those hunkered down waiting for Helter Skelter.

Illegal actions?  Samsung a non-American company?  Don't make me laugh.


Good for Obama, or whoever's name was on the veto.  They were well within their rights to do so and I agree.  Why do so many of you just see 'international' and go nutters to the point you start screaming protectionism and defiance of the global community?


"The problem is that this would have made the ITC the forum of choice for SEP abusers (strategic abusers who want to get away with infringement of non-SEPs as well as overly aggressive monetizers).? Sweet jebus.


I think more often than not it's about Obama than the actual content.

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