Receiver Upgrade: Yamaha RX-V565


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Upgraded from a Yamaha RX-V361 to Yamaha RX-V565 and arrived yesterday courtesy of eBay.


4xHDMI inputs which had made life a lot easier; Dell Windows 8 Laptop, Xbox 360, PS3, Ubuntu Laptop (DVI -> HDMI).

Upscale / output from AV in to HDMI; Playstation, Playstation 2 :D


I do like the pass-through HDMI when switched off as I can switch output from my monitor to the living room TV via HDMI over Cat5e extender to have any of my devices on it.


First AV Receiver I've had with HDMI and it's quite a change and made such a difference compared to the pain getting devices to use TOS-Link / S/PDIF and recognise where the video output is going! No more pulling out 4-6 HDMI cables and couplers. :D


I only have 5.1 setup currently as the unit is located in the study so not sure I can really justify 7.1 at the moment.




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i have never had any audio receiver before, We have always rented so i have not been willing to spend the money on a sound system being that i would never be able to really use it.

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i have never had any audio receiver before, We have always rented so i have not been willing to spend the money on a sound system being that i would never be able to really use it.

a nice 5.1 sound system does not have to be loud to be enjoyed.  with 2 little ones at home (at least 1 of them is always sleeping) the volume doesnt get cranked often.  but that doesnt take away from the added sound provided while watching movies/shows that support it. 

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congrats!  yes replacing a non-hdmi receiver with a hdmi one is a day/night comparison.  makes things much easier.

It really is! It certainly has come a long way with sorting out DRC as well compared to the older model.


i have never had any audio receiver before, We have always rented so i have not been willing to spend the money on a sound system being that i would never be able to really use it.



a nice 5.1 sound system does not have to be loud to be enjoyed.  with 2 little ones at home (at least 1 of them is always sleeping) the volume doesnt get cranked often.  but that doesnt take away from the added sound provided while watching movies/shows that support it. 



i have never had any audio receiver before, We have always rented so i have not been willing to spend the money on a sound system being that i would never be able to really use it.


I rent and have two children under the age of 6. I have mine setup like a personal 5.1 system at the desk though. I also don't use a subwoofer as with the Technics receiving the LFE redirection as well, I *really* do not need any more bass.


I originally had a Creative Inspire 6.1 analogue system did what older Creative products do best when their warranty is due to expire.

I borrowed my Mrs. Technics EH-600 Hi-fi for a while but it didn't survive our original house move well and I suspect some condensation damage whilst it was in storage. I kept the centre and "bookshelf" (which by they must mean category 1 grade steel reinforced) speakers and purchased the RX-V361 to try to do away with sound card analogue 5.1 nonsense and wanted to run Laptop/Games console -> Receiver via digital TOS/Link or S/P-DIF.

Plan failed though as most PC games will not output 5.1 / Surround over this though because of LPCM encoding which isn't well supported over these interfaces to my knowledge or certainly at least with this model Yamaha. This forced me to hook up 3x 3.5mm jack to RCA stereo cables to the laptop and run in analogue mode which is less than ideal for automatically switching to either the Xbox 360 or PS3 on digital.


I paid around ?68 for the V361 and around ?124 for the V565. I'm hoping to make at least half back as they seem to be in quite demand and mine isn't suffering from any quality issues unlike some unlucky customers.


I have / can have everything I own plugged into the V565 if I wish and switch between them on the fly easily - plus it can act as a speaker system or a glorified powered 4x HDMI switcher (which are quite expensive at the moment).

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