1234567890 on my Odometer and Trip Meter

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Geoffrey B.

Today My 2002 Volvo s60 reached 123456 Miles with my trip meter at 789.0 Took a Phone and thought i would share.




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did you reset that on purpose to equal out like that?


if not, talk about coincidence!

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Well,  at least you took the photo while not moving.  I'll give you points for that.

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Arachno 1D

You could have made it even better by taking it 19 minutes later and 4 degrees warmer

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Geoffrey B.

i have planned out the trip meter to make it do this since i purchased the car back in September of last year.

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Even though it's planned, it's pretty cool :D Would have been better if it was a coincidence!

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I bet you can't do that again in a million miles. :P

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The Evil Overlord

Cool :)

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