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1333 Mhz TBird

512Mb DDR 2100

Geforce2Mx 400 64Mb

60gig HD 7200RPM ATA/100


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1.1ghz T/Bird


1.5Gig PC133

6Gig Fujitsu 7,200rpm

20Gig Maxtor 7,200rpm

27Gig Quantom 7,200rpm

40Gig IBM 5,400rpm

ASUS Geforce2 MX 200 [32MB]

Plextor 12x10x32A IDE

IomegaZIP100 IDE

D-Link 10/100 NIC

NetVin 10/100 NIC

SB Live 5.1

WinTV Standard





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wow mine sucks compared to yours

EpoX 8kta3 motheboard

AMD Duron 750 @ 900

2 x 128 MB double sided Ram, PC/VC 133

MSI Geforce2 MX 32meg w/rca,s-video out

Aureal Vortex2 Superquad

Altec Lansing ACS54 4.1 Speaker System

A-Open 10/100 Ethernet

20 Gig Samsung HD

LG-CDRW 8x4x32

Liteon DVD 12X

OS: Windows XP RTM

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PIII 733 (Asus P3V4X mobo)

Asus Geforce ddr

1x128Mb + 1x64Mb 100Mhz

SB live

Realtek network card for my cable internet

1x 9Gb IDE

1x 4Gb IDE

1x 9Gb UW SCSI

17" HP monitor (thanks Neobond:))

Not top of the line but fast enough for all the software I run

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My Computer:

AMD Athlon 1000Mhz

640Mb PC133 SDRAM

GeForce II MX

40Gb Hard Disk

Windows 2000 / Slackware Linux 8.0

My Server:

AMD K6-2 450mhz

128mb PC100 SDRAM

2 * 40Gb Hard Disks

1 * 1.2 Gb Hard Disk

Slackware Linux 8.0

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Intel Celeron @564Mhz

256Mb pc100 RAM

80GB Maxtor Harddrive


ATI all in wonder pro

Compaq 17' Monitor

NEC 17' Monitor

Sound Blaster Live

D-Link 10/100 NIC

4x Burner

Windows XP RTM Corp

Nvidia 14.70 drivers/DirectX 8.1

3DMark2001 Score = 1302

3DMark2000 Score = 2624

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Daniel F.


Juno p6 tower w/ 1x120mm 5x60mm fans

Aqua Neon



Tbird 1.2ghz 266 fsb

MSI KT266 266fsb mobo

256 ddr RAM

Herc 4500 (kryo2 W/ 64MB RAM)

1x IBM 40gb UDMA 100 (7200rpm)

1x Quantum 13.2gb UDMA 66 (7200rpm)

1x WC 10.2gb UDMA 100 (5400rpm)

CDRW 12x10x32 (burnproof)

Soundblaster live

bush 5.1 speakers


3com 10/100 mb NIC

3com cable modem CMX

3com 10/100 Switch

3com Email Server



What u all think?

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My stats:


15yrs old

Blonde hair

Blue eyes

White t-shirt

Blue trousers



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EpoX 8k7a motheboard

AMD Athlon ThunderBird 1.33Ghz "AYHJAR"-Y


Inno3d Geforce2 MX400 64mb

Samsung 19" 955DF monitor

Creative Vibra 128 sound card

A Cheap subwoofer

40GB Seagate harddisk 7200 rpm

LiteON 16x10x40x CDRW drive


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My stats:

...are in my sig, handy for if I'm asking a technical question so I don't have to rhyme off everything.

And also to show off my Gigantica mouse pad, as that never comes up in a technical question :ninja:

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my stats, f, blonde, 36-24-36

no seriously....

Celery 400, not bothered to oc, but if anyone has advice... :)

asus p2b-f with 256mb pc100

13gb wd + 40gb maxtor

voodoo 3 2000

Viewsonic pf790

ensoniq ****ty sound card

linksys lne100tx + 3com509btx

microsoft intellimouse pro optical

panasonic pd optical

tdk 12x10x32 cd-rw

really neat (jordans furniture) $2000 mahogany computer desk, a gift :)

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ThinkPad T22 as provided by work..... it does the job :)

Goes to show you don't need a top whack 'puter to enjoy Neowin :cool:

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Pentium 60MHz

8 Megs EDO Ram

2x CDROM Drive

420 Meg HardDrive

Sound Blaster 8 Pro - 2 Speaker

2800 Baud Modem

1 Meg Generic Video

Acer 2-Button Mouse

13" Monitor

Win 3.11

3DMark99 Score: 6

Gaussian Blur on 800x600 Img (4 Step): OnGoing - Current Time = 275 Days 14 Hours 53 Min 21 Sec

Goes Kicky Fast

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Roger H.

1.2ghz 266mhz t-bird

786MB PC-133mhz

GeForce 2 MX 200 64MB <-- Gotta change that

40Gb ATA-100 7200rpm

16X DVD ATA-66

Sound Blaster Live DE 5.1

Cambrige DTT-2200 5.1

19" Sony Trinitron .24DPI

Shuttle AK12 <-- Gotta change that

Microsoft Intelimouse Optical

NetGear FA311 NIC

Yo anyone else that have that NIC and having trouble (and a fix) with downloads off IRC contact me please..

Get @ Me


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Elliot B.

My system specs are in my signature...

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My Stats:

Dual PIII 866EB

Intel OR840 M/B

512 MB Samsung PC800 RD RAM

Elsa Gladiac GF2 Ultra 64MB DDR

SBLive! Platinum 5.1

Realmagic DVD Decoder

2 IBM 20 gig Ultrastars..160M/B SCSI.. no RAID.. well not yet :-)

Pioneer DVD-303 .. Old SCSI DVD but region free :-)

Plextor TS40 SCSI Reader

Plextor W1210 12X SCSI Cutter

Very Dodgy Yamaha speakers.. (I spilled cider on them..)

19" Mitsubishi DP900U

Coolermaster Au Case (very sexy)

USB crap.. Scanner Webcam....

2 coffee cups

1 can of strongbow

2 packs of fags

?4:80 in change

and I am 21.. 6"1 Blonde Blue eyes... and also very ****ed :-))

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HP 9100 series cd-r

8.2 gig hard drive

466 celeron processor

192 mbs ram (only holds up to 256) *sighs*

Win 98

HP Deskjet of the best inkjet/deskjet printers i've ever used

HP ScanJet 3300C (not that good scanner)

17" Panasonic PanaSync SM70 monitor

Logitech web cam

56k winmodem (conexant)

HP mouse n keyboard.....with an internet, search, help, and stand by keys, and a volume keys for multimedia

HP Pavilion 6535......i want a new comp lol, or get the motherboard changed n more memory/processor speed, and more hd space for win XP, but my printer works well still:D n i want to replace my aging keyboard/mouse with that logitech set of cordless optical mouse n keyboard....sweet! lol

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P4 1.3 GHz


20GB 5,400 RPM

64MB DDR Radeon VE w/DVI and TV Out

Sound Blaster Live!

16X/48X DVD


17" EV700

IntelliMouse Explorer

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I'll show you mine if...

1 Ghz Pentium III

384MB Crucial ram

20G Fast ATA hard drive

nVidia GeForce 32MB

Linksys 10/100 NIC

Adaptec SCSI Interface Card(Scanner)

MS Optical Intellimouse

Cheapo Advent speakers (going to upgrade)

Hitachi Superscan 1711 monitor (want to upgrade to 19)

CD-RW (generic - probably LG)

DVD (likewise - think its Samsung)

250Mb Iomega Zip

HP USB Pocket PC cradle show me yours!

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Steven P.

Maryland 4 star refridgerator slimline model (Coffee brown)

Philips coffee maker (I know I am ashamed)

ETNA Chrome cooker (Gas + Elec)

Some washing machine only my girlfriend understands

and a yellow dressing gown with a teddy bear on it.

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P4 1.3Ghz

128MB RDRAM 600MHz

150GB Hard Drives (All Together)

nVideo Geforce2 64MB DRR Ultra

Ethernet 100MB

MS IntelliMouse Explorer USB

MS Natural Keyboard Eliete

Harman/Kardon HK-695 Speakers

17Inch Sony Trinitron .22 Monitor



HP Laser Jet 4

HP Deskjet 820Cse

UMAX Astra 3400

IBM WebCam

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AMD Athlon 1 GHz

ASUS A7V w/ BIOS 1008X July release (200 MHz DDR FSB)

256 MB PC133 SDRAM

ASUS V7100 Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 32 MB SDR w/ Detonator 12.90

3COM 3C905B-TX-NM 100 Mbps LAN connected to hub

SB 16-bit PCI soundcard

ViewSonic E70 monitor

Maxtor 20 GB DiamondMax Plus 40 ATA-100 edition

52X Creative CD-ROM

8x4x32x Panasonic (Matshita) CD-RW

Cambridge SoundWorks speakers

Epson Stylus Color 777 printer

NetGear 100 Mbps hub

Motorola cable modem (w/ Rogers@home service)

Microsoft SideWinder Precision Racing Wheel

Microsoft PS/2 Natural Keyboard

Logitech 2-button PS/2 scroll mouse

WinBond W89C940 10 Mbps LAN connected to cable

Stereo microphone

1.44 MB 3 1/2 inch floppy


Windows XP 2600 PRO Corporate Edition w/ IIS6 and ICS (internet connection sharing)

Windows 2000 Server (dual-booting) Service Pack 2 IE 6.00.2600

Office XP Pro w/ Frontpage

Visual Studio 6.0 SP5

MS SQL Server 7.0 SP3

PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0 (XP edition)

Midtown Madness 2 w/ all add-ons and mods

Need For Speed 5 Porsche Unleashed

Dacris Benchmarks 4.1 ( )

Lots of stuff there ;)

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Dacris Benchmarks 4.1 ?? oops i've said too much :) 4.1 is not supposed to be released yet :)

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