Reaction - A Game of Quick Thinking, and Quick Reactions


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Hi Neowinians!


Reaction is a game to test your focus, split your attention, and sharpen your reactions. You have to keep your combo up, but break it before any of the targets sneak through. I find it a bit of a challenge, and it frustrates me too!


Give it a go, and try out Reaction! (google play link)

If you have any comments, please feel free to shoot me an IM here, leave a reply, or send me an email via the in-game link.


Hope you like it,



edit: If you prefer the full link:

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Draconian Guppy

i'll give it a go when i have wifi available :P

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+Dick Montage

Is this yours?  Does it install anything other than the game?

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Thanks draconian!


Yeah a little hobby of mine. It just installs the game - its a link to Google Play. I have added the full-text link if people prefer that :)

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