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Another for Sky here. I have, on multiple occasions, downloaded about 1TB of data in a month and have NEVER been throttled, usenet and torrents continue downloading at full speeds.


Plus Sky's broadband infrastructure is great :) Get 11Mb on my line here where all other providers gave me 9Mb.


Fibre soon though :D

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Where I live (a HMO), the letting agent uses Utility Warehouse, which I believe uses TalkTalk as their provider, and they throttle heavily between 18:00 and 00:00.


Talktalk retail definitely don't throttle. I'm on Essentials with Fibre large and I'm currently getting 7MB/s on a torrent of a TV show. I noticed a massive difference when the throttling stopped around May this year.

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I would be very tempted to switch to fibre if it was available around here, mainly for the much greater uploads speeds. Apparently sometime in summer 2014 it will be rolled out in my area.


In regards to YouTube apparently if you bock Virgin's YouTube cache then it works great, have a look at: How to fix youtube on Virginmedia by blocking cache proxy. Never really had any problems with YouTube, only the 1080p content is slow to at times sometimes.



Not with Virgin anymore.. Had Fibre at my old house with BT and Plusnet, both good. (80 down 20 up) perfect for me because I'm a web designer n work from home a lot, so uploading all the time.


Moved to new house, tried Virgin and couldn't do anything much online with how much they were throttling, but wouldn't let me cancel without paying rest of my contract off (I was only 20 days in), ended up mailing the ceo and he wiped by bill clear for me and cancelled, now I'm back with BT - ###### customer service setting it up but once it got going it's fine, full speed all the time (even though it's only 13mb down 1mb up...)


Summer 2014, something to look forward to at least.. For me it's not even in rollout plans, the annoying thing is, there's exchanges all around me at same distance with fibre enabled lol

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