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SSD as data cache (non-Windows OSes)?

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PGHammer    237

Easily THE reason I haven't purchased an SSD yet, despite their falling prices, is because of a rather thorny problem - I multiboot; in fact, I run four operating systems bare-metal or in VHDs; the reason for the thorns is that the other three OSes are a server OS and two different flavors of OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).  While desktop Windows supports using an SSD as a cache-drive, I haven't a clue if Windows Server or OS X supports the practice.  Ideally, all four would support such a use - that means I could then simply buy the largest and fastest SSD I could afford and use it in exactly that fashion (each OS uses a partition of differing size - also, two different file systems are in play; NTFS for Windows/Windows Server, and HFS+ for OS X). 


Do Windows Server or OS X support SSDs as cache drives?

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