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The story of two women who saved four puppies sounds more like an action movie than an animal rescue.

It all started July 18 in West Hollywood, California, when Samantha Haas spotted a worrisome sight: a man stuffing four puppies into a sealed plastic bin.

?I knew these puppies were in grave danger, they were tiny, they didn?t have their mother. They were in an unventilated plastic bin,? Haas told local station CBS2. ?I knew their breathing was compromised.?

Haas called her friend Annie Hart, who runs an animal rescue organization called Bill Foundation, and Hart sprang to action. Hart; her husband, James; and their dog Arnold piled into their car and took off.

According to a detailed account Annie Hart gave Yahoo News, this is what happened next:

Haas then called again in a panic. The man and his bin holding the puppies had boarded a public bus. Hart, meanwhile, was still a mile away.

Hart directed Haas to drive in front of the bus to slow it down. It worked.

At the next bus stop, Hart, now stopped behind the bus, ran out to board it. The doors closed in her face. ?I?m in overalls with bed head,? she told Yahoo! News. It was close to midnight, and maybe the bus driver had a point.

Hart jumped back into her car and followed the bus to the next stop. There, Hart yelled through the closed doors, ?There?re puppies in your bus and they can?t breathe. They?re stuck in a Tupperware bin.?

This time, the doors opened and Hart walked on, paid her fare and found the man and the bin. She managed to persuade him to get off the bus by explaining her animal rescue work.

After some negotiation, the man handed over the puppies. Hart and Haas decided to name the brave pups after X-Men superheroes: Logan, Raven, Elliot and Luke.

As for the daring pet rescue, the two say the rescue itself is the best reward.

?If the people that love animals the most don?t do something, no one does anything,? Haas, founder of Wag Aware, told CBS2.

Three weeks later, three are bouncing back. The littlest one, Luke, has health problems. But Hart has hope. ?He?s an X-men, so hopefully he?ll be a tough little fighter,? she said.

source & video


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Ah, aren't they the cutest little things. 

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###### bastard, keeping them in a tub!!

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I wonder if the man was just transporting the pups, giving them to someone, or going to kill them off ...

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