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Artist's vision restored with stranger's gift

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LOS ANGELES -- Thanks to an anonymous donor, a local graphic designer can see again.

A degenerative disorder of the cornea called keratoconus has been slowly robbing David Gama of his vision.

Last week, David and his wife Janelle learned that a compassionate stranger saw his story on FOX 5 and donated the funds to cover the surgery needed to restore his sight.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, the inventor of a breakthrough cornea implant procedure and the only doctor federally-approved to do it, performed the corrective surgery on Friday in California.

In two minimally-invasive procedures inside his operating room, Dr. Wachler reshaped a cornea and then locked that shape in place permanently.

In a matter of minutes, David future's got a whole lot brighter.

"Being able to see, there's really no limits for what I can do," Gama said.

With the successful procedure , Gama now won't have to undergo a much riskier corneal transplant surgery.


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That was a nice act. I bet it was very expensive.

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I feel like this amazing surgery should be getting more press than the random act of kindness. (as awesome as it was)

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