Volume control over hdmi?


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So I know that some devices can take control of some TV functions through the HDMI connector. For example, my revue box can turn my tv off and on... so the hdmi connector gives some control over that particular function and if the device is smart it can use it.


I am wondering if hdmi includes the same protocol for audio? What about other functions? brightness? couldn't really make the information from the wiki 


the page says 


Remote Control Pass Through allows remote control commands to be passed through to other devices within the system

System Audio Control allows the volume of an AV receiver, integrated amplifier or pre-amplifier to be controlled using any remote control from a suitably equipped device(s) in the system


do these combined mean yes?


so my xbox "could" change the volume on my TV if MSFT wanted it to??? 

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I believe it is possible.  My panasonic tv allows me to choose my audio preference and when I choose home theater my tv volume goes up on my receiver.  So something from the TV is sending the signal to my receiver.  I think its done via the RI/RIHD/IP controls.


Edit - I am pretty sure any command can be sent via hdmi if the hardware is supported.  I use my ipad to control my receiver via an app.  Within that app I can set up addition devices that are supported, I can control my tv and my bluray player from within the app that is only connected to the receiver. 


so to answer your question yes, so if the xbox/receiver/tv all supported the control over hdmi it would be possible.

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