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Phil Spencer seems to be hinting at some free to play games at Gamescom. 


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While MWO would be nice on the xbox one it has one little problem, as it is today it can't be played on a controller for a number of reasons. and I've tried, since I was under the mistaken impression that the controller would give me quicker access to more functions more readily. But as the game is today a controller is completely inequate, and if they change it, it's no longer MWO. which was designed to be a mech sim. Then again, maybe they're going to announce the availability of the Razer Artemis for the Xbox One :D  (unfortunately the Artemis seems to have been removed from Razers page and been canceled without notice :()


so I doubt they'll get MWO.


most likely they're going to announce the rest of Wargaming's portfolio, Warplanes and Warships. Maybe some of the F2P MMO's. hey maybe we'll finally get the Promised AoC on the Xbox, along with secret world :p (well I could dream) 

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