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Former Microsoft Studios game writer takes similar job at Amazon

by John Callaham


In July, Eric Nylund, who worked at Microsoft for 14 years and most recently served as the Narrative Design Director for Microsoft Studios, announced he was leaving the company for a mysterious new job. At the time he said, "I’m moving on to create something truly extraordinary. New company. Bold vision. Entertainment for the 21st century."

This week, Nylund revealed where he is currently working and it's a bit of a surprise: Amazon. He used his Facebook page to post up an image of his new Amazon business card, and the card shows his job title is the same as the one he had while at Microsoft Studios: Director of Narrative Design. While we now know where he now works and his new title, Nylund would not reveal more on his Facebook update, saying only, "I can’t talk about specifics, but I wouldn't be there unless something cool was brewing."

While he worked at Microsoft, Nylund helped to write the storylines and bibles for games in the Halo and Gears of War series. He also wrote a number of best selling Halo prose novels that expanded on the game franchise's universe.

The fact that Nylund is now working at Amazon, and apparently in the same kind of role he had while at Microsoft, lends some credence to recent rumors that Amazon is developing their own game console that might launch later this year, alongside Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's own Xbox One.

Source: Eric Nylund on Facebook

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I really don't see Amazon making a full-fledged console to compete against giants like Microsoft and Sony. But they could very well be making an Amazon TV device to compete against Google TV and Apple TV.

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well, i wont buy any Amazon console if it include kill switch by design.

Afterall Amazon are known to activate the kill switch at whim.

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