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Wordpress login problem, blank page on wp-login.php


ichi    359

I've been running this wordpress install for about a year and a half. It's currently at version 3.6 with the twenty eleven 1.6 theme.


Last thing I've been messing with is giving the twenty thirdteen theme a try yesterday. I decided I didn't really like it so I reverted back to twenty eleven.

I didn't notice anything strange yesterday, nor did I this morning as I was already logged in the admin panel. Later this morning I needed to log in from another computer and that's where I first got the problem: I filled in the user/pass info and clicked "login", and I was redirected to the wp-login.php page, where all I see is a dot at the top left.


So just in case I went back to the laptop where I was already logged in, opened an incognito tab and tried to log in there. Same result, a blank page with a dot.


I've tried to:


- Rename the wp-admin and wp-includes folder, uploading the fresh files from the wordpress 3.6 zip.

- Rename the wp-login.php file and upload it again from that same zip.

- Rename the plugin folder to effectively disable them all.

- Switch to the other themes I've installed (twenty thirdteen and twenty twelve).


I've submitted a support ticket to my host provider as I've read something about some hosts blocking access to the wp-login.php because some brute attack trend on wordpress sites, but I've yet to get a response.


The weird (or maybe not that weird) thing is that other than that the web is working perfectly fine, even the admin panel with the already logged in session. I just can't log in again, but the all the content is available and all the functions in the admin panel work.


So, has anyone ever seen this happening? Anything else I could check?

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ichi    359

Ah well, mistery solved: I still haven't got a response from the host provider but it's definitely them blocking access to the wp-login.php.


Just tried to rename the wp-login.php file and I can login through the new url.

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