Streaming live desktop content to DLNA TV

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After some googling and reading on various forums, I still couldn't figure out how to set up my TV as some sort of "remote desktop".



I already switched between profiles (H.264 + MP3 , MPEG-2 + MPGA etc.) and variated the framerate from 1-30 fps but none of my settings seemed to work flawlessly.


I'm running my System off my SSD and tried saving the stream both on the ssd and another hdd, but none seemed to make any difference.


I heard about the WiDi software from Intel which serves the desktop content as 720p dlna-compatible stream, but it is limited to iX-Processors only (which I don't own :()


Any advice ?

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I've not tried this personally, but apparently Serviio will stream a desktop to a DLNA enabled device.

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