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Ironic, given that the liberal half of America is generally far better educated than the conservative half, hell look at the kind of dribbling idiots you get on Fox, probably your country's premier conservative mouthpiece.


I know this is a thought Americans don't like to encompass but not everything has to be a war or competition, you can encourage people to learn without punishing people that are a little slower, one thing you can guarantee is that if we lived in the sad little world you conservatives want where children that don't make the cut get bullied you can absolutely guarantee that they will never thrive. The point of schools is to educate not encourage pointless competition.


In terms of the OP however, the point of a reading competition is to compete, if the other entrants can't compete that's their problem.

Nobody is talking about leaving people behind. Don't make a strawman out of this.

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Can you really just be fired for no reason after all that time, in the US?  Don't you have employment rights over there or something?

Sometimes businesses get away with it.  Sometimes a lawsuit works for those terminated.


There is a sneaky 'at will' clause with many employers.

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