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Google chrome update issue fixed. here's how you can fix yours

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chrisj1968    1,416

I installed Windows 7 originally and immediately I could NOT update chrome because there was an issue with communications with the server (error code 7) I also did a straight up download of the setup file for chrome converse to the install from the website. still nothing but error messages.


So I installed google canary,which is for nightly builds. some will swear by it, some won't due to canary being the raw development version of chrome.


so there I was stuck with chrome 12.x.x.x thinking, there was no help in sight. UNTIL..


after I installed chrome canary. somehow the update service or channel, whatever it is, was repaired and now my original chrome just updated to Version 29.0.1547.57 m


I'm not sure if chromium will fix this but this acted perfectly as a work around.


if your chrome gets stuck with and update server issue, simply install chrome canary. Where do you get it?


Cheers, I hope this will help others



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