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$10,000 dropped out of the sky

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Hum    6,930

Lewes Harbor in Delaware was the scene of what some may consider a dream come true. As reported by WBOC 16, on Saturday afternoon between 3-4pm, a low flying helicopter hovered over the marina for over 5 minutes dropping $10,000 in cash to stunned onlookers below.

Kara Miele, who works at a marina pub called, Irish Eyes, witnessed it all unfold and said, ?It was just like, nobody really knew what was happening until it happened.

And then once like the commotion of like, I guess like, you could see that they were yelling that it was money and then everyone knew it was money.

And then the customers ran over. We ran over and then like, nobody was like fighting with each other for it but everybody was just scrambling trying to grab everything that they possibly could." John Siddons, a bartender at Irish Eyes said, "People were swimming through the canal.

Boats were coming in, scooping it up with nets. So you know, 50s, 20s, 5s, 10s, whatever they could get. So, it was pretty crazy."

Another witness on the scene, Bill Swords said, "I wanted to get some pictures to show some people.

Because nobody believes you when you tell them there was literally $10,000 dropped out of the sky."

The attention grabbing event was the request of the late Leonard Maull, who died one year ago and visited the marina at least once a day.

But even Bill Berry, Maull?s trustee, did not know the motivation behind the stunt request in his will saying, ?I would?ve never thought Leonard would do anything like this.?

Adding, ?It was his money and I figured he could do what he wanted to do with it.?

Specifically Maull asked that $10,000 in equal denominations of $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills be dropped over the marina a year after his death on a Summer Saturday.

The Lewes police were aware of the event and prepared with officers in the area to ensure that there was no fighting.

The stunt took place peacefully though two people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries they sustained while trying to find the money.

However the majority of the people at the marina were fortunate to walk away safely, some with as much as $700.

source & video

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Quillz    883

Maybe Jesse Pinkman knows something about it.

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COKid    873

Cool story.

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Growled    3,880

I'm never in the right place at the right time. Sigh. 

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