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German Expert: Windows 8 is an unacceptable security risk

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Torolol    926

Microsoft road map to increases Windows 8.x usages might became a tad bit difficult, as German experts resisting.

How trustworthy is Microsoft?

For the federal and all of the German authorities, businesses and private users who want to continue to work with the Windows operating system,
this question is now more than ever.
Because sooner or later they would have to use Windows 8 or its successor.

From internal documents TIME ONLINE states that it is clear that the IT professionals of the Federal deem Windows 8 downright dangerous.
The operating system contains a back door in their view, can not be closed.
This backdoor is called Trusted Computing and could have the effect that Microsoft can control any computer remotely.

Or in broken 'English' thanks to Microsoft Translator.

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SharpGreen    219

Ah. The old NSA backdoor myth. One of the longest running tech oriented urban myths in existence. Rather sad that a so-called "expert" actually believes it.

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