MediaPortal 1.5 enters pre-release; adds CableCARD, Windows 8.1 support

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We're finally half way to MediaPortal 2.0, and while version 1.5's updates are more nuts and bolts than 1.3's flashy visual overhaul, they're important nonetheless. Now let's dig in, shall we? First up, PowerScheduler++ has been integrated directly to the app, which should make it easier set up and schedule system reboots -- it adds options for remote clients, too. Next, IPTV support got a makeover and the dev team says its product should meet your needs both "now and well into the future." CableCARD users still have to deal with DRM restrictions on pay-TV channels, but most everything else -- ESPN, TNT and USA, for example -- should function without the cumbersome workarounds of days passed. None of the latest additions break version 1.4's skins or plugins, and it's even supposed to be compatible with the Windows 8.1 preview. The only bad news is if you're still rocking Windows XP, since MediaPortal is finally killing support for the OS -- but that can't affect too many people, can it?

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