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HP all in one printer, scanner software suggestions!

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papercut2008uk    99

Basically if you don't want to read the whole rant, what can i use to scan from a scanner. any 3rd party free software as i'm done trying to get HP's software to work. i got a all in one printer HP c5180 and windows Vista 64bit



i know it sounds simple, but it's beginning to be a nightmare as everything i've found is photo editing software for editing scanned images, no options to import.


i've ordered a new printer as my old HP decided it was dead, hp c5180 ink system failure 0xc19a0021, so after hours of of trying to get the scanner to work i found out how to fix the issue, which is somewhat sorted and the dam thing prints just find now, so going to have 2 printers.


the problem now is, the software wont install, the 'HP solution center' says no HP hardware detected, so i'm done with this stupid HP stuff. after having to completely uninstall it because my computer wouldn't boot afterwards installing it again and still this problem, tried many solutions you will find if you google the issue, i've tried all the ones on the 1st and 2nd pages.


all i want is to use the dam scanner so i can scan documents that i will print on the other printer that i'm getting.

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